Here’s what some of my students are saying:

“Sam is truly a top notch drum instructor.  He has the rare combination of passion for the instrument, professionalism in how he conducts his business, and a gift for teaching.   He also goes above and beyond with parent communication which I really appreciate.  My son always feels encouraged with Sam, and never criticized or that practicing is a chore. They find popular songs that are fun to play.  Sam even helped us find a drum set on Craigslist that has been fantastic! I would not hesitate to recommend Sam to any friend.”

                                                                                – Debbie K.

“My son is brand new to percussion and he has so loved being taught by Sam — and I am amazed by how much I love listening to the 2 of them play.  He is obviously a talented percussionist (check out the Paperboys!) but he is a patient, kind and appropriately challenging teacher as well.  As a busy parent, I also appreciate his reliability as well as his punctuality.  And the several times I’ve had scheduling conflicts he does his best to accommodate us.  We both look forward to my son’s weekly lessons –  I had no idea how much fun percussion could be!”

                                                                                – Susan E.

“Sam’s teaching has helped me go from just struggling to keep a beat to incorporating new techniques and styles into my playing in only a couple months.  He’s a versatile drummer and great about teaching me what I want to learn while keeping focus on the finer, technical aspects, and keeping it interesting.  Lessons are always fun and comfortable and his teaching studio set up is great.  Highly recommended teacher.”

                                                                                – Courtney S.

“Sam is obviously a gifted percussionist, but, more importantly, an excellent teacher. I am a beginner latin percussionist, and really appreciate Sam’s patience and ability to keep me involved and wanting more. I’ve had other instructors, but Sam is so engaging and attentive to my interests and frustrations, he rises above the others. With his exceptional instructional skills, reasonable rates, and impressive performing resume, he is an obvious choice for anyone wanting to learn percussion.”

                                                                                – John H.

“Sam is a great drum teacher.  Since I am a beginner adult drum student he is a very patient,  excellent teacher.  He helped me learn some standard beats right away which boosted my confidence. He always combined fun with technique. Highly recommended teacher.”

                                                                                – Lori F.

“I’ve been taking 1 hour lessons for a couple of months now. Was at a beginner level when we started and I’ve drastically improved in both theory and technique. He’s very flexible with scheduling, even around my hectic work schedule. Great basement setup with two kits. So far we’ve mainly focused on jazz, but he’s definitely comfortable in other genres, especially Latin. Would highly recommend!”

                                                                                – Mike G.

Sam is very patient with my 7 year old son who is just starting drums. Sam does a great job providing instruction while making it safe and fun! My son has already made a lot of progress and is really enjoying it!

                                                                                – Jen B.